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Are Neck and Shoulder Tension Interfering With Your Quality of Sleep?



From long commutes, to endless hours sitting at a computer, neck and shoulder tension can creep up on you and be difficult to get rid of. It restricts your breathe, throws your body out of alignment, and interferes with a good night’s sleep.I know that my sleep will start to suffer whenever I have a big project due. This means that I will be spending more time sitting at my computer. My sleep starts to suffer for two reasons. The first reason is because of the added stress. The second is from the neck tension that I get from sitting for long hours at the computer.

Try this exercise to reduce neck tension and free up your breathing: 

Sit upright in a chair. Lock your hands (interwoven fingers) behind your head.

Push your hands against each other while your head remains motionless (firmly squeeze, but do not strain). Keep your elbows out; in line with your body (do not let them collapse around your head). This will keep your chest open.

At the same time, gently breathe in and out with our belly (with your diaphragm) in a very relaxed and comfortable way.

Spend 1-3 minutes in this exercise. When you finish, pay particular attention to the warmth in your belly and the surge of energy in your head and brain.

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