This is a great debate – well worth watching! I have been waiting for the debate to be available to stream to share it with you. Let me know what you think!

There are four debaters:

For GMO:

Monsanto – Dr. Robert T. Fraley is Monsanto’s executive vice president and chief technology officer

Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam in Animal and Agricultural Science at U.C. Davis

Against GMO:

Dr. Chuck Benbrook – at Washington State U and is well known for his research on pesticides

Margaret Mellon – respected expert on sustainable agriculture and the potential environmental risks of biotechnology and 18 yrs with the Union of Concerned Scientists.  

"Watching the GMO Food Intelligence Square U.S. Debate on Clean and Lean Revolution"

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Genetically modified (GM) foods have been around for decades. Created by modifying the DNA of one organism through the introduction of genes from another, they are developed for a number of different reasons—to fight disease, enhance flavor, resist pests, improve nutrition, survive drought—and are mainly found in our food supply in processed foods using corn, soybeans, and sugar beets, and as feed for farm animals. Across the country and around the world, communities are fighting the cultivation of genetically engineered crops. Are they safe? How do they impact the environment? Can they improve food security? Is the world better off with or without GM food?

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