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True or False:  Avocado Oil A Healthy Oil To Sauté With

If you are have participated in the Clean & Lean Revolution System then you know that I think that fats are a necessary nutrient in our day to day eating plan and that I recommend the following use of healthy fats:

  1. Sauté and bake with saturated fats, like coconut oil, butter and ghee
  2. I recommend that you take the polyunsaturated fat omega 3 as a supplement as fish or krill oil and remove virtually all other polyunsaturated vegetable oils – which is pretty much all the other oils
  3. And that you use monounsaturated fats for cold uses only and store these correctly, because these are prone to oxidation.

Avocado Oil is the oil of a fruit; the avocado is actually a fruit and not a vegetable. It is quite unique because it is from the flesh of a fruit and not from a seed. It is newer on the market. You know something is going mainstream when you find it at Costco. It is rich in monounsaturated fats. Although it has a high smoke point and it is touted as a high heat oil,  I recommend using it for cold use only, like as a dressing or a drizzle.

If you do choose to cook with this, do not heat above medium heat. All extra virgin oils, this includes olive oil, are going to be prone to oxidation first because they are a monounsaturated fat but also because they are the first pressing from the plant. Extra virgin avocado oils contains phytosterols, over 8 carotenoids, it is high in fiber, a good source of vitamin K, contains alpha lipoic acid and has a large variety of antioxidants. When you heat this oil to high heat, you are going to deactivate many of these nutrients and lose the health benefits that you are trying to achieve by including this oil. False! Avocado Oil A Healthy Oil To Sauté

All extra virgin oils contain chlorophyll. Remember this is the first pressing from a plant. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in a plant. This pigment easily oxidizes. All extra virgin oils oxidize quite quickly because of chlorophyll. It is best to purchase small quantities of these (not Costco size) and keep these in a cool dark place – preferably the refrigerator. I recommend transferring the oil into a large mouth opaque bottle with a cap that fits tightly. Place this in your refrigerator. When you want to use the oil, simply scoop some out and place it in a prep bowl on the counter. It will liquefy on its own in a matter of minutes.

The best oils to sauté with and heat are extra virgin coconut oil and ghee and butter made from cow’s raised organically eating fast growing spring and fall grasses. These three fats are all saturated fats, making these highly stable to heat and less prone to oxidation.

I really prefer to eat the whole avocado. I use these in my smoothies, salads, as a snack or as the focus on my breakfast. You can choose organic or non organic with avocados. These are a very low pesticide crop and the thick skin protects the edible portion of the fruit from absorbing pesticides. I prefer organic because it is better for the environment and I try to cut out all pesticides, even trace amount.



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