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Foundation #1 Restorative Sleep

Over the past few weeks you have been enjoying a healthy, vibrant eating plan! If your goal is to continue to eat healthy then your goal should be to set your lifestyle habits up to support your healthy eating goals.

If you sleep well and you move well, you are MUCH more likely to stick with a healthy eating plan. Sleep is THE foundation of your health. If you aren’t sleeping well, all the work that you are doing with your eating will simply not stick.

So, how are you sleeping? Are you still working on your sleep routine?

If your habits and intentions of slipped, now is the time to regroup and reset your goals. Please, feel free to ask me anything on the FORUM. I work closely with each of my patients on the sleep habits and sleep routine. I am happy to help you with this very important foundation too!

Foundation #2 Healthy Eating

You followed a plan rich in nutrients, satisfying in flavor and stuck with it until the end!

Foundation #3 Mindful Movement

Let’s check in with your Mindful Movement habits the past week. Here is the goal that you were presented with last week:

  • Establish a mindful movement practice by including an hour long mindful movement activity at least five days a week

Look back on your week and add up all the mindful movement activities you participated in last week: walking, meditation, yoga… how did you do?

Did you meet the five day goal? If so, congratulations! Your goal moving forward is to work on being consistent with this mindful movement practice for at least 4-6 weeks. Then you are ready to take the next step by moving into Foundation #4 Effective Exercise. Access the fourth foundation on the system page: Foundation #4 Effective Exercise

Had a hard time fitting this in? If you were not successful meeting the five day challenge, simply regroup and SCHEDULE these activities into the week ahead. Yes, scheduling moments to hit the pause button seems like the only way that most of us can stay consistent with this goal (myself included)!

Try taking smaller steps: If an hour long mindful movement practice seems daunting, let’s amend this for you. Your goal is to start with a 30 minute practice, five days a week. Once you have practiced this for a few weeks, then shift into an hour long practice (two 30 minute activities in a day, add up to an hour! This need not be consecutive).

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