Guest Chef, Danielle Premo, just turned me onto this glorious knife. When I watched her slice up a an acorn squash like it was a zucchini, I knew that I had to have one.

Kitchen prep is one of the biggest hurdles to whole foods eating. Most people are trying to use kitchen knives that are as sharp as a butter knife to chop and slice vegetables. Not only is this time consuming, it is downright dangerous with how easily the knife can slip, because the cutting blade is not sharp enough. Trust me, when you find a good, sharp knife, kitchen prep becomes quick, easy and even fun. You are able to chop efficiently and evenly without having to saw your way through the vegetable (the blade should really slide right through).

This vegetable knife, by Wushtof, has cut outs and a ridge right along the top of the cut outs, that keep vegetables from sticking to the blade. This makes for very quick kitchen prep!!

I just ordered my knife through Amazon (best price that I found) and can’t wait to start using it. Though seemingly pricey, it runs around 90.00, if it encourages you to slice and dice in the kitchen, it is a tiny, tiny investment in your long term health!

Wusthof Ridged 8″ Vegetable Knife 

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