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Is Greek Yogurt Healthier Than Regular Yogurt? If you are comparing the sugar content in Greek yogurt to regular yogurt, you are likely not making a better choice. Greek yogurt has really gained in popularity in the past few years. What makes Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt, is that it has been strained to remove some… Read More >

  Do You Enjoy My Video Blog and Articles? Then Please Vote For Me! Last week a very sweet patient of mine nominated me for ‘Best Food Blog’ on King 5 Best of Western Washington. Voting has been opened for over a month, so I need your help. Voting just takes a second – THANK… Read More >

Do the Enyzmes In Plants Help Us Digest The Plant? One common misconception about raw food is that they have enzymes in them that help us digest them. And, that when we cook these foods we deactivate the enzymes, which inhibits our ability to digest the food. So let’s start with, what is an enzyme…. Read More >

Tillamook Low-Fat Yogurt vs Ice Cream? Which has more sugar? If you eat yogurt, you likely feel good about the choice you are making and equate this with a healthy option. Some yogurts are healthy. When it comes to the amount of sugar that they contain, most are more dessert like than a health food…. Read More >

  Are You Ready To Take the Challenge? Twice a year I personally lead the Clean & Lean membership in a site wide challenge.The site wide challenge follows the Clean & Lean System program.You’ll build your foundation of health, one step at a time. By following the step by step instructional videos, you’ll create new… Read More >

Would you pay $8.99 a pound for salt water? If you are purchasing your chicken at a big chain supermarket, you are! The other day I was walking through Fred Meyer. Although Fred Meyer has a great natural food section, I don’t usually purchase my meats and chicken at Fred Meyer. I prefer organic, grass… Read More >

The average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week! So, where do you rank? You may feel like you are watching your sugar intake, but are you doing enough? The low fat revolution gave sugar a free… Read More >

High Cholesterol is NOT Strongly Linked to Heart Disease – Why Are So Many Taking a Statin?    If heart disease is NOT strongly linked to high cholesterol, then why are so many people on statins? Statins are a trusted medicine by many for lowering cholesterol. They are the most widely prescribed medicines in the United… Read More >

Is Dairy Healthful or Harmful? There has been a lot of unfounded controversy around dairy. I have heard everything from ‘we are the only mammals who eat another mammal’s milk’ to ‘dairy causes cancer.’ Before I delve into this topic, I need to say this – I feel that there are many paths to health… Read More >

Last week I discussed the often overlooked condition of low stomach acids and its implication. Low stomach acid may be a symptom of a larger issue – this is where we really need to be a nutritional detective to try to put all the pieces together. The parietal cells in your stomach produce both gastric… Read More >