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March 20, 2014

I call this a green zinger! I challenge you to drink this in place of your morning coffee! SERVES ONE (360 calories per serving) 4-5 kale leaves 1 medium green apple 1/2 lemon juiced 65 calories coconut yogurt, plain, unsweetened OR coconut kefir, plain 2 tsp flax oil 1 T cashew butter 1-2 cups of… Read More >

March 12, 2014

With Spring just around the corner, I have begun my obsession again with Mason Jar Salads. I will be adding over 50 new Mason Jar salad recipes to the community site next week. Here is one of my favorites! To make this salad, in the jar, put items in this order:

March 12, 2014

Why do I assess gut health in each and every client that I work with? Because good health begins in the gut. If your gut is healthy and in balance, you whole body will be healthy and in balance. All disease is somehow related to the health of your gut; it is all interconnected –… Read More >

March 3, 2014

Over the past few decades the field of medicine has had a reductionist view of nutrition. Food was only macronutrients and micronutrients: fats, carbs, protein, vitamin and minerals and water and maybe fiber. Why is participating in the Clean & Lean Revolution vital to your health; because food is information. You are born with a… Read More >

February 25, 2014

You can eat healthy, workout and take your supplements AND you may still not feel well. Why? Because you are not taking the time to slow down, practice pleasure and shift into an active state of rest. I see this in my private practice all the time. Patients who quickly adapt to a healthy eating… Read More >

February 20, 2014

Green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get a punch of leafy greens in a breakfast meal. Blending greens increases the nutrient availability and the health benefits of eating greens, and here is why: by blending the greens you are greatly increasing the surface area of the green (blending emulsifies the greens) and… Read More >

January 23, 2014

Monk fruit is new on the market (being sold as monk fruit). It has been used for some time in products under its Chinese name “luo han guo” or “luo han fruit.” The makers of Splenda make product called Nectresse – which is supposed to be Monk Fruit, but it isn’t. It is mostly erythritol. This follows… Read More >

December 28, 2013

Study shows that chia seed may be helpful in treatment of diabetes and source of essential fatty acids. “Chia diets dramatically decreased triacylglycerol levels and increased HDL cholesterol and x-3 fatty acid contents in rat serum.

December 21, 2013

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Saturated fats per se may not be responsible for many of the adverse health effects with which they have been associated, and it is time to re-evaluate the dietary recommendations that focus on lowering serum cholesterol and to use a more holistic approach to dietary policy, according to a review published in last month… Read More >

December 19, 2013

By Blake Gossard, Kira Schmid, ND, Luke Huber, ND, MBA, Steven V. Joyal, MD Two flawed studies and an editorial published in the December 17th issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine have attempted to discredit the value of multivitamin supplements.1-3 Both of the studies were plagued by grievous methodological flaws. In one of the studies, subjects were given low-quality,… Read More >