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Angela was invited to offer her expert opinion on KCPQ13 News regarding two recent studies with troubling headlines – is coffee drinking linked to mortality risk and does soda drinking in children cause them to be aggressive?

Angela was invited to offer her expert opinion on KCPQ13 News regarding the recent report by Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic and the Natural Resource’s Defense Council exposing that American’s are confused about the Use By/ Sell By dates on food products. To the point that they are wasting 40% of the… Read More >

Powerade and Gatorade are not healthy electrolyte replacements. They are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, chemicals and dye. The truth is, you likely don’t need an electrolyte replacement to begin with. Unless you are working out intensely for more than two hours or, you are working out in a hot climate, all you need… Read More >

The gluten-free diet and its products are everywhere. Is the diet fashionable, all hype, or a healthy choice? Maybe you have thought about going gluten free. Maybe you feel that you don’t have any issue with gluten at all.  So what is the big deal with gluten?

Why make a meal once, when you could make 6-8 meals at one time! I have created three large batch (healthy!) recipes that make 6-8 servings each.  As always, substitutions and suggestions are offered to customize this to your eating preferences.

Simply DELICIOUS! Learn how to make a tasty balanced quinoa breakfast!              

All these videos start with the same intro. Nutrition Northwest is my (Angela Pifer) private practice company (just in case you were wondering).