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Here is your question today: True or False: Food Cravings Are More Than Just A Simple Desire To Eat

Are you frustrated that every time you try to go on a ‘diet’ to lose weight, food cravings get the best of you? The idea that you need to eat a lot less and exercise more is not the answer to long term weight loss success.

Have you ever had the experience where you are so hungry when you left the office that you ate while you prepared dinner, you ate dinner and then you were still hungry? What choice are you going to make at a time like this? If you are still hungry into the evening, you are likely not going to over eat on chicken breast. I call this ‘chasing hunger.’ Once you have gone enough time across the day, without enough calories and nutrients to satisfy your body, your hunger will start to spike and nothing healthy is going to satisfy it for long. You’ll eat something healthy and still feel hungry and on and on until the cravings get the best of you and then you will likely overeat on fatty, salty or sugary foods.

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We are programmed for survival and easily triggered to eat by the overabundance of energy dense foods that are available to us– especially when laced with sugar and addictive chemicals.

If you try to drop your calories at breakfast, and you eat a light lunch, the compensatory mechanisms in the body will be overwhelming and unforgiving. Though you may be able to follow this pattern for a few days or a couple of weeks, the hunger, drops in blood sugar and cravings are impossible to control for long with willpower alone. If you are carrying extra weight around, your ability to balance your blood sugar, regulate metabolism and manage cravings is further compromised because of the added weight. The added weight drives inflammation up and this stress on the body triggers fat storage versus fat loss. It indirectly amplifies blood sugar swings and craving, and, in the face of extremely low calories “the diet”, may also lead to insatiable cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods.

Now, add to this the idea that you must work out more to lose weight. When you shift calories drastically low on a diet and workout more, this adds to a perfect storm of craving and urges to eat more food.  ((TRUE: Food Cravings Are More Than Just A Simple Desire To Eat))

Leaning out, having good energy all day long and having mental clarity are never going to be about calories in and calories out and they are never going to be about drastically dropping your calories “dieting” and working out more. These survival mechanisms, stress and lifestyle factors, like continual access to the wrong kinds of calorie dense foods, are all interacting in a way that is interfering with your ability to see long term changes with your health and weight.

Yes, what you eat matters BUT if you want your efforts to stick long term, then How you eat is as important as what you eat. Putting in place a pattern of eating that helps you get in front of your hunger and cravings AND helps you stick with your goals.

Over the last decade I have used the same approach with eating patterns from the beginning because I have found them to be that effective. This approach offers a type of behavioral modification to the way that you eat. Not only will you be eating more of the right things on this plan, you will be doing so in a pattern that helps you get in front of your hunger, cravings and blood sugar dips.  This pattern takes into account how the body manages blood sugar, fuels metabolism, mediates energy levels AND it takes into account lifestyle factors and the over availability of foods. If you have a hard time not eating in the evening, or you are prone to emotional eating, this pattern is the best pattern to help you overcome these urges.

Plain and simple, this pattern will help to set you up for success with your eating goals. That is why I always say that how you eat is as important as what you eat.

I figured out how to make weight loss fast and easy and I am going to share my secrets with you. If you want to learn this highly effective system of eating, I’ll personally teach you. Join the Clean & Lean Revolution Community. http://www.cleanandleanrevolution.com/system/

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